Tupperware 2oz Mini Snack Cups Midget Bowl 4pc Set New Pink

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Multi-purpose Bowls! So handy for so many things! Fill with dip to take for lunch. Great size for Snacks on the Go. Perfect for organizing & storing craft items. Ideal for storing spices, baking decorations, leftover dips and sauces. Keep hair ribbons, bands and bows safe. While traveling, store small valuables out of sight! Carry medications safely. Seals have small tab for easy removal. 4 each 2 ounce capacity snack cups Sheer Container with Fuschia Pink Air Tight, Liquid Tight seal. Dishwasher Safe


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March 24, 2018
Tupperware is just Tupperware -nothing special. I use the midgets to take salad dressings to go, and the smidgets for pills. I bought a whole bunch so that hopefully I won't have to buy more any time soon. I usually end up losing the lid.
March 29, 2016
These are the perfect size for so many lunch box items! I just ordered a few more. I also love the smidgets. Tupperware lids are always a tight fit. Once I get them on, I store them that way for a while and they are easier after a while.
Kindle Customer
January 28, 2014
Great product. I purchased these for elementary lunch kit. They are just a bit smaller than I imagined. If a 4 to 6 oz cup is available that would work much better. Daughter loves the pink lids, unfortunately we could not find any other container it would fit. Great product for toddlers.
Aloha Spirit
March 9, 2013
The lids do not fit!!! The item arrives out of the box with some homemade instructions on how to try to stretch them by soaking them in hot water, microwave, etc...EACH TIME you want to use them! I ordered Tupperware based on their long-standing reputation for high quality. I ordered these particularly for ease of use because I have painful arthritis in my hands. They don't mention anywhere in the product description about this flaw before you buy them! Now, I would have to pay for shipping to return them because of their false advertising. This is so dishonest. I should not have to incur any cost for a falsely advertised product that they know does not function properly. This was a dishonest transaction!
July 25, 2015
It's TUPPWARE. BUT PINK LIDS ARE EXTREMELY TIGHT. Either run hot water to make lids pliable or use your teeth get lids on/off.
Cindy Lou
May 6, 2013
Great size for my kids lunches. Lids are a little difficult to get on right now, but I know that will get easier with use. Great color for my girls and because it's Tupperware my other lids are interchangeable for my son. No leaks with fruit and yogurt.
March 29, 2015
The tops did not fit on the bottoms and no amount of working with the pieces would let them fit together.
November 12, 2015
This arrived quickly and this seller sent a bonus! How sweet is that? Thank you, now I can pack 5 days of oatmeal toppings for work. : )

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