UAC CO 10793C A/C Compressor

  • Brand New, OE replacement: UAC branded 10S13C Compressor Assembly
  • 100% Guaranteed Fit! Add your car (year/make/model) to Amazon's garage to confirm
  • Premium ISO/TS 16949 quality; tested to meet or exceed OEM specifications
  • Includes: body, clutch, pulley & coil; compressor may come charged with shipping oil to keep the part lubricated during transit - drain and replace according to your system's requirements
  • All units are pressure tested with nitrogen for leaks to ensure product quality; product is backed by industry leading warranty
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are the heart of the A/C system, with a heavy responsibility to pump A/C refrigerant throughout the automobile's A/C system. That's why at , we take the upmost care when developing new compressors. We always make sure that our new branded compressors meet exact OE specifications, and that they are manufactured at a tier 1 facility. When you purchase a new compressor from , you are receiving a high quality product at price that is very affordable.


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April 23, 2017
Installed for 29 days and has already failed. Whole system was flushed and purged, dryer and expansion valve were also replaced. System was vacuum and the correct valume of PAG oil and R134a was installed. Poor quality product.

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